Holiday Entertaining Tips & Gift Ideas for Chefs: Granite Hot Plates & Lazy Susans

November 08, 2012
Every host has tricks and secrets to throwing a successful party, event or other gathering at their home. And this is often because if you are not properly prepared, entertaining can quickly go from fun and exciting to miserable and stressful. 
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Granite Slabs Can Be Used to Create Custom Desk Designs

November 01, 2012
Not long ago, Angie's List polled pros to find out what the most popular countertops are for remodels. Their results showed that "Currently, trends in kitchen countertops favor the most durable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing materials. Experts agree granite is the most requested material for countertops in today's remodels." And while granite remains king when it comes to countertops, this beautiful and durable natural stone is enjoyed by homeowners, commercial business owners and designers in many other ways, as well. 
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