Neolith For Fireplace Surrounds

August 14, 2012
Ever since the days of old, people have had a love affair with granite. It symbolizes strength, character and permanence. Homes, castles, even precious temples have been made of granite over the past two millenniums.
Neolith Fireplace
Small wonder a material has been made to not only imitate it, but to also outlast it. Neolith by TheSize is an incredible example of taking something from nature and making it better. TheSize gathers together the materials and magically combines them. The end result is a material as pretty as granite and with strength and durability.

This material, used as a surround for fireplace finishes, not only brings attention to itself, but also frames the whole structure in a seamless, deep shine. Whether for faux fireplaces, gas, wood or other types, Neolith is perfect for the job. Because of its coating, smoke buildup from a wood fire may easily be wiped away. Scorching is no longer a problem on the fireplace finishes for the mantel, wall or apron.

Fireplace finishes give the feeling of warmth, comfort and security. This is true even for the decorative ones. If nothing more than a candle burns in one, a fireplace will still give the room and household a homey feel. It is welcoming and beckons you to sit nearby.

Some believe that Neolith may be out of reach financially. However, due to its ability to be made in an incredibly thin layer, installation is a breeze. This makes fewer hours of work for a crew and makes Neolith a lot more affordable than other finishes. This is a very light material and easily managed by the crew to carry and install it.

And, nothing need be removed, as you can have the fireplace finishes placed directly on top of a wall. This saves time, dust and money. So take a look at our website and see what color scheme you would like. We have an array of choices, within your budget!

We are happy to help you choose not only the material, but also the fabricator and installer. Drop by for a visit, give us a call or send us an email, it’s up to you. We are here for you in any manner at Marble and Granite.

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Fireplace Finishes with Neolith by TheSize

March 01, 2012
Fireplace Finishes Can Be Works Of Art

     A snowy day. A warm fire. Nothing is as cozy as a fire in the hearth. Trundling in from the frosty air to a roaring fire is as emotionally pleasing as it is physically warming. Most everyone agrees a fire in a room adds a feeling of home to the ambiance.

     Some fireplaces are utilitarian, others, pretty. However, there are those that completely stand out. These last are with the finishing touches of NeoLith by TheSize. Fireplace finishes can make all the difference between a room that is warmed by a fire and a room showcased by an artful design with a function. NeoLith changes the feel of a room to make it more a home, a place of comfort.

     Anyone who has ever used a fireplace on a regular basis has experienced smoke stains on the wall. It is usually a glaring feature of the room the moment you walk in. No matter what you do, the smoke stains cannot be removed from the brick, or the wall above it. With NeoLith by TheSize, that disfigurement will no longer be an issue. These fireplace finishes are unable to be stained, for the material has no pores. Smoke buildup is easily wiped away.

     Another truly glaring characteristic about a fireplace is the scorched area around the fireplace. Because the fireplace finishes made with NeoLith are created in a kiln, it is difficult to actually burn the surface. The fireplace finishes are formed from clay and surrounded by a glaze. This outer covering blends together with the clay when it is heated to extreme temperatures. For this reason, the burning logs will not mar the surface, as the fireplace finishes can stand very high temperatures.

     Think of it. The presence of a warm, glowing, happy fire in your living room to give a sense of peace as much as added heat. And, the beauty of this finish will last for years to come, as it is incredibly durable and will not scratch or lose its luster. All this, plus the aesthetics of a work of art.

     When you see this for yourself, you will feel an immediate appreciation of the beauty and workmanship TheSize has created for your fireplace. To order the best finish you could ever experience for your hearth, visit Marble and Granite, Inc. to place your order for your new fireplace.
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